VOice ICar fEDerico II Database 1.0.0

File: <base>/voice153-info.txt (779 bytes)
ID	voice153
Age:	43
Gender:	f
Diagnosis:	hyperkinetic dysphonia (Polyps)
Occupation status:	Housewife
Voice Handicap Index (VHI) Score:	69
Reflux Symptom Index (RSI) Score:	21
Smoker:	yes
Number of cigarettes smoked per day:	25
Alcohol consumption:	casual drinker
Number of glasses containing alcoholic beverage drinked in a day	NU
Amount of water's litres drink every day:	1
Eating habits:	
Carbonated beverages:	sometimes
Amount of glasses drinked in a day	NU
Tomatoes:	sometimes
Coffee:	always
Number of cups of coffee drinked in a day	4
Chocolate:	sometimes
Gramme of chocolate eaten in  a day	NU
Soft cheese:	sometimes
Gramme of soft cheese eaten in a day	NU
Citrus fruits:	almost never
Number of citrus fruits eaten in a day	NU