Robust Detection of Heart Beats in Multimodal Data - The PhysioNet Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2014 1.0.0

File: <base>/octave/ (543 bytes)
#! /bin/bash

# file:

# This bash script performs any setup necessary in order to test your entry.
# It is run only once, before running any other code belonging to your entry.

#Install the WFDB Toolbox in octave
unzip wfdb-app-toolbox-*.zip

#Change toolbxo configuration to use custom 
#native libs, which was build on Debian Wheezy
sed -i 's/WFDB_CUSTOMLIB=0;/WFDB_CUSTOMLIB=1;/' ./mcode/wfdbloadlib.m

OCTAVE='octave --quiet --eval '
STR="${OCTAVE} \"cd('mcode');addpath(pwd);savepath;quit;\""
echo "$STR"
eval ${STR}
stty sane